Step out and Vote – The New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ 2017 Election Statement

A message from the New Zealand Catholic Bishops which gives particular attention to our nation’s coming general election has been issued.
“We urge you all to pray, reflect, discuss and debate about what kind of society New Zealand can be in the eyes of God. Faith has a vital role in the public forum. Stand up, uphold the common good of our nation, choose wisely, and your vote will be a blessing for our nation.”
We hope for positive, pro-life attitudes and policies. Love and care for the unborn, the vulnerable, the disabled, the elderly and the different, are marks of a compassionate society, as are well-funded palliative care services.   Legalisation of assisted suicide undermines trust in the medical profession and puts vulnerable groups in our society at risk.

The full statement can be read here.

Synod 2017 participation

Synod 2017: ‘Listening and Journeying Together’

All submissions are due by Friday 30 June.

Booklets are also on the Archdiocesan website.

Submissions are welcome from groups and individuals about any of the ten topics.
The questions for each topic are in the booklet and are ‘starters’ to stimulate thought and reflection.
When responding, people need not be limited by these questions.

Your input will help determine what will be considered during
the Synod weekend, 15‒17 September, this year.

Synod ’17

Go you are sent…
to find leaders
Go you are sent…
to the peripheries of society
Go you are sent…
to deepen our bicultural relationship
Go you are sent…
as members of the one Body of Christ (ethnic diversity)
Go you are sent…
to your own peripheries (those who may feel unwelcome in the Church)
Go you are sent…
to refugees and migrants
Go you are sent…
to care for creation
Go you are sent…
to fellow Christians
Go you are sent…
to accompany one another (young people)
Go you are sent…
to support marriage and families.

Selection of Participants for the Archdiocesan Synod

Last week we advised that a group were working through a discernment process to identify from 44 nominations the 13 people from our parish who would participate at the Synod in person.

We are all invited to participate.
To find out how see the Participation Booklet on the Archdiocese website.
Information is also available on our Synod 2017 page.

Thank you very much for your nominations. At the same time we thank you for making our job so difficult!
The Archdiocese had set demographic and personal criteria which our selection needed to reflect–including ages, ethnicity and being prayerful and discerning. With so many good candidates, it was difficult to arrive at a final thirteen. However relying on prayer, we have submitted the following who have agreed to go – we appreciate them taking up this challenge.
Joe Green (LPL)

Bea Blanch
Petala Elama
Rob McCullough
Maurice Atkinson
Deirdre Hanlon
Joy Andersen
Noa Cipriano Delacruz
Stephen Neal
Elisapeta Elama
Josh Chirayath
Jo Woods
Lucienne Hensel
Vicky Wall

Participants at the Synod in September will not represent the Parish. They become members of the Synod, and the good of the whole Archdiocese–and all its parishes–is their focus and responsibility

Archdiocese Synod 2017

Prayer for Synod 2017


God, whose power is at its best in weakness:
You have entrusted us, in our frailty,
with the awesome privilege
of being your presence in our world.
You say to each of us: Go, you are sent.

In naming and sending,
you honour our ability to serve.
Yet we know our need of you,
even as we travel in the
echo of your voice: Go, you are sent.

Bless our Archdiocese of Wellington as we set out
and, as you have done for so many,
strengthen our weariness; steady our trembling.
May we never forget that you are with us
and joyfully answer your call: Go, you are sent.

We go, gifting your mercy, proclaiming your truth,
and celebrating your goodness;
our words and actions
revealing your face
to all we meet.

Blessed are you, God of the journey. Amen.

– Fr James Lyons


Our Community of Communities Gather Together

Happy first year parish anniversary!

Time flies so quickly. It feels like it was just yesterday when we decided to leave our securities behind and chose to overcome our anxiety as to where this journey takes us. We took courage to come together and, launching our waka into the deep, we trusted God to lead us towards the shores of our hopes and aspirations.

After a year, we have certainly come a long way. There were times of confusion as if the wind was blowing from every direction. There were moments when we felt like the wind had died and we were drifting to nowhere. But we are also certain of those graced moments when we became familiar with the position of the stars in the night sky, and so we have become more creative and discerning as a community.

Hence, this celebration brings us to the mountaintop, the same feeling Peter felt with the transfiguration of Jesus before his eyes in the Gospel passage today. We are gradually “transfigured” into the community we envisioned. And like Peter, we gratefully exclaim, “Lord, how good it is for us to be here.”

It is indeed good to celebrate this milestone, to thank God, and to reflect and gain new insights that would help us process, understand, and bring to light our experiences. These bring the gift of discovery, encourage our growth, and generate valuable insights to our journey. These enhance the meaning of our community.

When we “take our dancing shoes off” and return to normality, we take all the consolations with us. These will sustain us in rough times, in times of monotony, or even in times of desolation. As William Barclay says, “We cannot live forever on the mountain, but we cannot live at all without it”.

Nga mihi nui i te Karaiti,
Fr. Dennis Nacorda

Our First Anniversary Mass







The Catholic Parish of Wellington South

First Anniversary Mass

Sunday 12th March at 10am

St Patrick’s College Hall, Kilbirnie.


Our combined Mass will be the usual Sunday Mass in Lent.
There will be no special ceremonies.
We’re just having it all together in one place and enjoying morning tea afterwards

There will be no other Sunday Masses in the Parish that weekend (including Vigil Masses).
Please let friends and neighbours know!

Please bring a plate for morning tea

A Food Basket collection will be taken up at the Anniversary Mass.
Goods will be donated to the Soup Kitchen. The following is a guidelines to appropriate food donations for the Food Basket:
Dry food: Lentils, peas, pearl barley, pasta
Tinned food: tomatoes, chickpeas, beans, tuna, coconut cream
Other: Cheese, eggs, milo, tea, sugar, powdered stock


8:15am St Joseph’s Mass
9:00am St. Bernard’s Mass
9:00am St. Francis de Sales Mass
10:00am St. Anne’s Mass
11:00am St Francis de Sales School Library Liturgy
7:00pm St Francis de Sales  Mass
7:00pm St Joseph’s Liturgy with Ashes