SYNOD 2017



You are called to respond!
Synod Participation Process
7 May to 30 June

We are being called to think about how we can be a Church which goes out of itself and is of service to the world around us. You are asked to respond to one or more of the 10 Synod topics on this theme.
This is your opportunity to take part in forming the future direction of the Wellington Archdiocese. The responses which you, and everyone in the Archdiocese, give will determine what will be considered during the Synod weekend in September.

Open group consultation in the
Parish of Wellington South

Mark the date:
Sat 10 & Sun 11 June
Sat 17 & Sun 18 June

Consultation will happen after all Vigil and Sunday Masses. Facilitators will lead groups through a process of prayer and reflection on a topic. A schedule of dates and venues for topics will be available shortly.

Can you help facilitate
a group or take notes?

Facilitators and note takers are needed for the open group consultations after Masses in each Church community. The process is a simple one and a short training session will be provided. Contact the Parish office if you can help.

Consultation for existing groups:
Parish groups such as liturgy committees, music groups, youth groups, are invited to run the group discernment process on the topics they choose. Training for facilitators is available. Contact the office to register for training.

Individual responses
You can submit an individual response on one or more topics.

How to submit a group or individual response
All the documents, sections and links referred to are on the “Synod ’17” page on the Archdiocese website.
There is a link to the full synod-participation-booklet.

Read the section “Using this document”.  You can provide a response to all the topics, some of them or just one.
The deadline for responses is 30 June 2017.

Record and send your response in one of these ways:
Download “Synod participation response (Word document for response)”. Put in your response and email to

Follow the “Online responses” link.

Postal response:
Handwrite or type your response into the “Synod participation response (Word document for response)”.
A copy can be posted to you if you ring Anne Dickinson 04 496 1793.
Post your response to:

Anne Dickinson
Archdiocese of Wellington
P O Box 1937

Verbal response:
If there are reasons why you find it difficult to make a written response you are welcome to ring Anne Dickinson on 496 1793 to see if it is possible to provide
a verbal response. Or contact the Parish office on 934 4099.

Go, You are Sent
Wellington South Participants in the Archdiocesan Synod

In selecting participants, the Archdiocese set demographic and personal criteria –including ages, ethnicity and being prayerful and discerning to reflect our community.
Participants at the Synod in September will not represent the Parish.  They become members of the Synod, and the good of the whole Archdiocese and all its parishes, is their focus and responsibility.  Synod participants from the Catholic Parish of Wellington South are: Bea Blanch, Petala Elama, Rob McCullough, Maurice Atkinson, Deirdre Hanlon, Joy Andersen, Noa Cipriano Delacruz, Stephen Neal, Elisapeta Elama, Josh Chirayath, Jo Woods, Lucienne Hensel, Vicky Wall.