The Treaty

Following widespread concern about the present government’s attitude to all things Māori, not least Te Tiriti, a group called Common Grace Aotearoa is offering a programme ‘Belonging in this Land – Treaty Basics from a Christian Perspective’. This consists of two video presentations followed by group discussion. The programme is  an opportunity for us to learn more about Te Tiriti, and what it means to be Tangata Tiriti in the face of the Treaty Principles Bill. It is very important that all of us:  Māori, Pākehā, recent migrants as well as those whose ancestors came to this country in the 1800s, have an understanding of te Tiriti and the Treaty (note they are separate documents). Sir David Moxon, former Anglican Archbishop of NZ is one of the presenters.


Date Session 1  Monday 10 June at 7pm -8.30pm

Date Session 2  Monday 24 June at 7pm -8.30pm

Venue St Anne’s Church

Please let the parish office know if you wish to attend so a participant’s booklet can be prepared for you. Email: office@wellingtonsouthcatholic.org

Further questions contact Elizabeth, Carolyn, Christine or Maria.


Parish Plan

The Parish Pastoral Council have developed a plan for our Parish for 2023. Click here for a copy. This plan is a living document and we welcome ideas and comments from our parishioners.
The Plan needs to be regularly re-assessed, adapted and evaluated. It embraces both the continuation of existing pastoral initiatives within the parish and the outward search to new ways in which the parish can carry out the mission of Jesus.

The Parishioners of the Catholic Parish of wellington south come together from Brooklyn, Newtown, Island Bay and surrounding suburbs.
Sunday Masses are held in, St Anne’s, Newtown and St Francis de Sales, Island Bay.
There are three primary schools within the Parish: St Anne’s in Newtown; St Bernard’s in Brooklyn and St Francis de Sales in Island Bay.

  Keeping in Touch

If you are not on the Parish email List and would like to be included to receive emails from the Parish Team, please let them know.
Phone 934 4099 or email: office@wellingtonsouthcatholic.org

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He Īnoi mō te Hātotanga o te Kahurangi nei a Meri Hōhepa

E te Ariki e Hēhu Karaiti, nāu mātou i whakaako mēnā ka puaki atu mātou i te pūaroha mō te iti, arā, ngā tēina, ngā tuākana, ngā tuāhine me ngā tungāne, kātahi ka whakaatu mātou i te pūaroha ki ā koe.

Whakarongo mai ki ā mātou īnoinga ki a Meri Hōhepa te Wahine Kahurangi nāna i te aroha te iwi Māori. Nāna i awhi ngā tāngata pōhara, ngā tūroro, me ngā tāngata rawakore. Meatia tēna, kua karanga rawa atu te Hāhi i tētahi tāngata o āu pononga tapu, o āu tāngata māhaki hoki. Ā te wā tonu, mā te katoa e mōhio mai tōna Hātotanga.


Prayer for the beatification of Suzanne Aubert

Lord Jesus Christ, you taught us that as often as we show compassion to the least of your brothers and sisters, we show it to you.

Hear our prayers that Venerable Suzanne Aubert, who loved the Māori people and devoted her life to the poor, the sick and the underprivileged, and whom the Church has declared to be one of your true and humble followers, may soon be recognised as a saint.