Inaugural Mass of The Catholic Parish of Wellington South

Thank you to all those who were involved in the organisation of our beautiful Inaugural Mass for the Catholic Parish of Wellington South last Sunday. It was a memorable occasion that saw our four communities bring their histories, traditions, gifts and faith to come together as one. We were blessed with the presence of Cardinal John, of the young and old, our school communities and different ethnic groups, and some of the pastoral leaders who served in our four communities in the past. Below is an excerpt from the welcome that was given at the start of the Mass.

“Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa, Greetings and welcome to everyone. My name is Maria Noonan and together we offer a special welcome to Cardinal John who is our celebrant today, to Father David our Parish Priest, to Father Dennis and to Joe who will be commissioned as our new lay pastoral leader.

Today is a special day when our community of communities gather together for our first Mass as the Catholic Parish of Wellington South

– a Parish which is blessed with the richness of many cultures, of children and young people, of our schools, religious communities and communities of service,

– A parish which is rich in history and we warmly welcome all the priests who are with us today. A special welcome to Karen who as lay pastoral leader walked and supported us in the journey of change.

Over the last two years we have been preparing for our new Parish. Together we have named our Parish, discerned our Vision to be a community of joyful disciples growing together and sharing Christ’s message.

In a spirit of good will we came together to:
– celebrate Pentecost,
– discern in our communities our hopes and fears
– identify how we want to live out our vision,
– visit each other’s community masses,
– walk the route of Suzanne Aubert
– have fun at the Parish Picnic at the Home of Compassion
– discerned the Parish Leadership
– to prepare a welcome for the refugee families who will settle in Wellington.

Today’s Inaugural Mass, when we remember our baptism which calls each of us into a new creation of light, marks our new beginning as the Catholic Parish of Wellington South. It is the day when, full of hope, we launch our new parish, chart our course and sign on to be active crew of the Catholic Parish of Wellington South.