Jubilee Mass Celebrations

A special Mass was concelebrated on Sunday 17 April marking 50 years since the opening of the ‘new’ St Francis de Sales church in Island Bay and to thank God for the life of our faith community during the past 50 years. Cardinal John Dew led the celebrations along with Parish Priest David Dowling. Also present were Fr Paul Shannahan SM, whose first appointment was to St Francis de Sales in 1965. Fr Denis O’Hagan SM, the first priest to be ordained in the new St francis de Sales. Fr Owen Sinclair, the first Diocesan Priest appointed to the parish and Fr Kevin Mears SM.
The Italian Community were an integral part of the celebration with the Prayers of the Faithful in both Italian and English.  The Italian choir also led part of the singing during Communion

The prestigious Papal Honour, the Benemerenti Medal, was presented to Tony and Eileen Muollo during the Jubilee Mass.  The award acknowledges the example of God’s love that Eileen and Tony have demonstrated in their commitment and support to each other, family, Parish and the wider community over many years of service.

Past parishioners from around the country had gathered for the weekend.
Following Mass there was an opportunity to catch up over morning tea at the local Bowling Club.