From the Parish Pastoral Council meeting on 26 July


Strategic Planning
A strategic plan to fulfill our Parish vision is the Council’s focus. This will take time and is likely to be formed in stages. At a Council formation day in early July the Council explored themes of Communication and Connection tied to the Vision. Our discernment process last year has given the Council a richness to draw from.

 Mass Times
A subcommittee was tasked with developing a process for consulting with the Parish about changes to Mass times. In the six months since the inauguration of the new Parish, existing Mass times have been maintained. But with two priests assigned to the Parish and several Masses occurring around the same time, this is difficult to sustain. Our vision, a number of canonical requirements, and Archdiocesan principles will inform our consultation. We are grateful for the continuing support of our Marist priests who will be included in the process.

Chairperson, Suzanne Aubert, and Social Justice Week

  •  A chairperson for the Council will be discerned at the August meeting after an initial period where Lesley Hooper continued from the Transition Team as interim chairperson.
  • The Council agreed that the group which coordinated the Suzanne Aubert birthday celebrations should form a plan for further activities.
  • Liturgy Committees will be asked to work together on how resources for Social Justice Week (11-17 September) can be used consistently across the Parish.