From the Parish Pastoral Council meeting on 23 August

Strategic Planning
The Council continues to focus on themes of communication and connection. The need for robust communication systems in the parish has been identified and is being worked on.
The Archdiocesan Stewardship day proposed for September has been postponed to early 2017. The Council is looking at the best way to incorporate this day into the planning period for the Parish so that we get the most out of it.

Mass Times
Work has begun on forming a process to consult throughout our Parish on changes to our Sunday Mass times. A complete proposal on the process is due at the next Council meeting on 27 September and we will be able to provide more details then. The Council has agreed that the process will include discernment, where we pray and reflect and where the voices of all can be heard. At the completion of the process, recommendations on our Parish Mass times will be made to Cardinal John for his decision.

Lesley Hooper stood down from the Chairperson role. Lesley’s leadership through the Transition period, her commitment to the Vision of the Parish and, in the spirit of Pope Francis, always encouraging us to look outward, were acknowledged. Stephen Neal and Deirdre Hanlon will co-chair the Council.