The Journey begins

October 2014


The Wellington South Pastoral Area Transition Team wishes to consult the communities of St Anne’s Newtown, St Bernard’s Brooklyn, St Frances de Sales Island Bay and St Joseph’s Mt Victoria to develop a vision for the new Wellington South Catholic Parish, which comes into existence on 1 February 2016.


We wish to:
• lead our communities in developing a vision of what our new parish could be.
• encourage our communities to pray, think, listen and talk about our new parish vision so we can reflect what our communities seek.

We share a common mission – to make disciples (Matthew 28:19). That underlies why we come together as members of a Church.

When we say vision we mean: “What we want our new parish to become.”

We might like to think about the needs of our communities, what we do now and want to continue and also what we would like to do that is new.

For example, we want our parish to strive to be a place that:
• Is always Christ centred
• Is outward focussed
• Welcomes all people and encourages people to belong and participate
• Supports the poor, young, sick, elderly and marginalised in our community.
• Communicates openly
• Uses its time, talents and treasures wisely to support its Vision
• Supports its young in developing faith and supports strong families.
• Promotes catholic social justice teachings…

Once we understand the “What?” questions we can start moving on to the more pragmatic “How?” questions.

What do you want our new parish to become?