Parish Consultation Update

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first round of consultation sessions. The purpose of this consultation round was to capture parishioners’ reaction to Cardinal John Dew’s request to reduce the number of churches. It was not to get feedback specifically on the answer to this challenge.
As you might expect there has been a great deal of feedback which we reviewed at last week’s Pastoral Council meeting. Given the extensive and varied nature of the feedback we did not attempt to distill it into simple ideas, although we did identify some themes such as:

  • Our communities are important to us and loss of these communities through church building closure is a real concern.
  • Ours is a sacramental church and somewhat inward looking.
  • Further clarifying the roles of the laity and priests is an important issue.
  • The connection between our schools and churches is an important one.
  • We need a vision for the place of our buildings in the promotion of our mission and use for social justice.

As we move into the next phase of the consultation, the Council has decided to make the feedback from the consultation sessions available to all parishioners via the website. We ask you to take time to look at it and reflect on it. We have not included all individual written submissions, but these can be made available also if parishioners wish to see them and those who wrote them are happy for us to do so.

Next steps
We now move into the phase of beginning to formulate possible solutions.
The first part of that will be a Parish session on Saturday 3rd August at St Anne’s Hall, from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.
Please mark this date in your diaries and let the Parish Office know if you will be attending.

Stephen Neal
Parish Council Chair


Confirmation Mass, 16 June

We congratulate the children in our parish confirmed by Cardinal John Dew.






Cardinal John urged us to carry on praying for the children and their families, as they continue on their Sacramental journey in Faith.

Suzanne Aubert Birthday Mass

Tuesday 19 June @ 6pm at St Anne’s Church.
A team of Sisters of Compassion, parishioners and the schools of  Wellington South is preparing together for the Birthday Mass and hospitality afterward. Please join us to celebrate the 184th birthday of this woman of great faith.

This is a special occasion for our Parish as we will take the name of Suzanne Aubert upon her beatification. Cardinal John Dew will celebrate the Mass.
Please bring a plate of finger food if you can, to add to the supper, which the Sisters of Compassion will also cater for.
For more information, contact Deirdre Hanlon-
heritagecentre@compassion.; 282 1953.

Donate a food item

At the Birthday Mass we will take up a collection of food items. It you would like to contribute, groceries which are especially useful to the Soup Kitchen include tins of lentils (but not baked beans), vegetables, fruit, soup, coconut milk, fish; dried goods such as coffee (fresh and instant), lentils, split peas, pearl barley.

New Bible website for New Zealand Catholics

WelCom June 2019:

“The Bible Society has launched its new scripture-based website, The Word, the first Catholic Bible-engagement focused website of its kind in New Zealand.
Mass readings are also delivered every day, thanks to a partnership with the Marist Messenger.
The site delivers inspirational stories through video and word from Catholics for whom the Bible is an important part of their faith. Among those sharing their thoughts are the Catholic Bishops.”

This link to the website has been added here on our links page


How to approach a process of discernment 

For a good group decision-making process, Ignatian Discernment would have each participant ask the following questions:

  • How do I feel about the issue?
  • What is the origin of that particular feeling?
  • Is it from God, or not from God? The “not from God” feelings can be from self (from ignorance, obstinacy, indigestion), from other persons (whose position on this particular issue may be “not from God”), or from other sources.

To discern or decide well, a person must be

  • ready to move in any direction that God wants, therefore radically free;
  • open to sharing all that God has given him or her, therefore radically
  • willing to suffer if God’s will requires it, therefore radically patient;
  • questing for union with God in prayer, therefore radically spiritual.

From William J. Byron, SJ

Building Consultation Process information

For the first round of the Building Consultation Process, Facilitators will lead groups through a time of prayer and reflection based on the Synod 2017 Discernment Process in response to Cardinal John’s request that we review our parish churches and presbyteries.
The Pastoral Letter from Cardinal John of 15 February 2019, plus Financial information and other relevant parish data is on the report available here, for your prayerful consideration.

Parish Building Consultation Process

Using the Synod 2017 Discernment Process our first round of consultations begins on 25 May.
Facilitators will lead groups through a time of prayer and reflection in response to Cardinal John’s request that we review our parish churches and presbyteries.

Parishioners can join small discernment groups after Vigil / Sunday Masses. Sign-up sheets are available in church foyers.

Saturday 25th May After 6pm Vigil Mass St Bernard’s
Sunday 26th May After 9am Mass St Joseph’s
After 10:30am Mass St Bernard’s
Sunday 2nd June After 5pm Mass St Anne’s
Sunday 9th June After 9am Mass St Anne’s
After 10:30am Mass St Francis de Sales
Saturday 15th June After 6pm Vigil Mass St Francis de Sales

It is important for us to know the number of participants so that we can organise facilitators for the groups. Please sign up by Sunday 19th May.

125th Anniversary of the founding of the Missionary Sisters of St Peter Claver

The sisters and supporters celebrated their 125th anniversary during Mass at St Francis de Sales Church Island Bay on 5 May at 10.30am. Cardinal John presiding.

“We were founded by the power of the printed word. A printed brochure inspired our foundress Mary Theresa Ledochowska to work against slavery. Mary Theresa grew up in the magnificent surroundings of Austrian nobility and was very familiar with mountain excursions, evenings of dance, dinner and entertainment. She had to spend hours in the midst of drawing room etiquette, sterile idleness, living on a surface level. When given a pamphlet denouncing the slave trade which was still widespread in Africa, Mary Theresa was shocked to realise that so many people, created in God’s image, were being treated worse than animals. She hoped that once people knew of the terrible realities of the slave trade they would want to help fight against it.
Her hopes became a reality with donations requesting that she forward the money to the most needy missionaries. Mary Theresa developed Echo from Africa and with her writer’s talent and her heart full of love and compassion for the slaves, subscriptions became more and more numerous.

The congregation was founded on 29 April 1894. Today there are sisters of 28 nationalities in 47 countries. Although our communities are usually small, our mission helpers constitute a gigantic force of women and men participating in assisting the poor from afar. Our work is still the same as that of our foundress: mission promotion and mission aid. The Echo from Africa – now entitled Echo from Africa and other Continents, is still our primary medium for raising awareness of the missionary activity of the Church and also much needed funds for ‘the most needy missionaries’.”

Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver,
1 Mersey St, Island Bay. Phone: 383 8401


Ngā mihi nui – Thank you very much – all those involved in the preparations for the Catholic Parish of Wellington South’s Third Anniversary Mass celebrations.