Worshipping with Covid-19 in our midst.

The new traffic light system will allow people to gather in churches under certain conditions after 2 December;
Wellington South will be on ORANGE.
This means there will be no restriction on numbers in the Church and no need for registration.
♦ All parishioners must show a My Vaccine Pass at the door, which will be verified. (You can download this onto your phone, or produce a paper copy with the QR code on it)

To get a My Vaccine Pass call 0800 222 478. Please have your NHI number ready — you can find this on a hospital letter, a prescription or prescription receipt. OR go to https://mycovidrecord.health.nz/ to sign up for a My Health Account. (Also check with your local pharmacy as some are able to print your vaccine pass for you.)

♦ A separate Mass at 6pm on Saturdays at St Anne’s will be open to vaccinated and unvaccinated alike (no proof of vaccine required). A maximum of 50 people allowed and you can register online at https://www.wn.catholic.org.nz/ or contact the office.

We will also continue with measures designed to minimise the risk of transmitting Covid-19.
• Please bring your own mask
• Scan in at the door
• Communion only in the hand
• No holy water for blessing
• No shared hymn or other books.