The Catholic Parish of Wellington South

First Anniversary Mass

Sunday 12th March at 10am

St Patrick’s College Hall, Kilbirnie.


Our combined Mass will be the usual Sunday Mass in Lent.
There will be no special ceremonies.
We’re just having it all together in one place and enjoying morning tea afterwards

There will be no other Sunday Masses in the Parish that weekend (including Vigil Masses).
Please let friends and neighbours know!

Please bring a plate for morning tea

A Food Basket collection will be taken up at the Anniversary Mass.
Goods will be donated to the Soup Kitchen. The following is a guidelines to appropriate food donations for the Food Basket:
Dry food: Lentils, peas, pearl barley, pasta
Tinned food: tomatoes, chickpeas, beans, tuna, coconut cream
Other: Cheese, eggs, milo, tea, sugar, powdered stock