Archdiocese Synod 2017

Prayer for Synod 2017


God, whose power is at its best in weakness:
You have entrusted us, in our frailty,
with the awesome privilege
of being your presence in our world.
You say to each of us: Go, you are sent.

In naming and sending,
you honour our ability to serve.
Yet we know our need of you,
even as we travel in the
echo of your voice: Go, you are sent.

Bless our Archdiocese of Wellington as we set out
and, as you have done for so many,
strengthen our weariness; steady our trembling.
May we never forget that you are with us
and joyfully answer your call: Go, you are sent.

We go, gifting your mercy, proclaiming your truth,
and celebrating your goodness;
our words and actions
revealing your face
to all we meet.

Blessed are you, God of the journey. Amen.

– Fr James Lyons