Suzanne Aubert Birthday Mass

Tuesday 19 June @ 6pm at St Anne’s Church.
A team of Sisters of Compassion, parishioners and the schools of  Wellington South is preparing together for the Birthday Mass and hospitality afterward. Please join us to celebrate the 184th birthday of this woman of great faith.

This is a special occasion for our Parish as we will take the name of Suzanne Aubert upon her beatification. Cardinal John Dew will celebrate the Mass.
Please bring a plate of finger food if you can, to add to the supper, which the Sisters of Compassion will also cater for.
For more information, contact Deirdre Hanlon-
heritagecentre@compassion.; 282 1953.

Donate a food item

At the Birthday Mass we will take up a collection of food items. It you would like to contribute, groceries which are especially useful to the Soup Kitchen include tins of lentils (but not baked beans), vegetables, fruit, soup, coconut milk, fish; dried goods such as coffee (fresh and instant), lentils, split peas, pearl barley.