Parish Consultation – Next Steps

As we move into the phase of beginning to formulate possible solutions in response to Cardinal John’s letter, everyone is invited to a Parish Consultation Session on Saturday 3rd August at St Anne’s Hall, from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.
Our goal in this session is to collectively develop a range of options for our future as a parish – not only with regards to buildings, but also how we can sustain our parish community as we adapt to future changes.

The themes that stood out in our first round of consultation were:
–  Our communities are important to us and loss of these communities through church building closure is a real concern.
–  Ours is a sacramental church and somewhat inward looking.
–  Further clarifying the roles of the laity and priests is an important issue.
–  The connection between our schools and churches is an important one.
–  We need a vision for the place of our buildings in the promotion of our mission and use for social justice.

This will be an important step in our consultation. All are welcome
and encouraged to attend. Kindly let the Parish Office know if
you are able to attend.

Stephen Neal
Parish Council Chair