The new cases of covid are a timely reminder to continue to follow good hygiene practices and to act with caution for anyone who is showing new onset or worsening symptoms of one or more of the following:
* Cough
* Fever
* Sore throat
* Runny nose
* Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
* Temporary loss of smell
Anyone with these symptoms should ring Healthline on 0800 358 5453 or their GP.
They will advise on testing for COVID19.
People who are unwell should not come to Mass, availing themselves of the exemption from the Sunday obligation provided in the catechism of the Catholic ChurchChurch. This is a consideration to fellow parishioners, some of whom may be vulnerable.

Last week, Cardinal John wrote a letter to parishes with guidelines for Level 1.
These guidelines are:
– Holy Communion is to be received on the hand and not from the chalice;
– The Sign of Peace can be by spoken word or a gesture;
– Holy Water Fonts are to remain without Holy Water
These guidelines will be re-evaluated as further health advice is given.

A REMINDER: Keep a diary of your movements. Our churches now have individual QR codes from the Ministry of Health to help with this. It is recommended that all those with smartphones download the Covid19 app for this purpose